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Endurance Satteldecke Topacio - Farbe: Marino / Kontrast: Marino
Ref. ENTP088PL
Endurance Satteldecke 3D Spacer Material Einfassung Kunstleder.

Saddleclothes are composed by 4 layers of 3D Spacer fabric.
The “spring effect” caused by millions of vertical microfibers which are interconnected among them, give a perfect distribution of the pressure, avoiding any pain or damage.

These layers made of an open structure with a 100% ventilation/breathing are specially designed to offer to the horse the maximum comfort; being the inner layer softer than the outer layer. Inner layer has smaller holes or pores in order to avoid horse´s hair penetration, meanwhile the outer layer has bigger holes or pores being very resistant and having an
excellent breathing and freshness features.

Modell :
160.25 €
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